My lovely pupils and I. 

My singing lessons have been one of the best birthday presents I have received.  My lessons are friendly, structured, challenging and enjoyable. Jodie has given me the confidence to have a go and join a choir. The last time I sang (sober) was over 40 years ago! I have found my voice again. Thank you Jodie, and to my daughter who's idea this was.

Anni (40)

Jodie has helped me so much with not only my singing but also my confidence in general. I love being able to approach her and talk about anything I need too. Her techniques really work and she has the ability to make lessons fun and entertaining. It's made me enjoy singing even more and I never want to leave her lessons! Best teacher ever, I wouldn't improve her in any way.

Lydia (17)

Having singing lessons with Jodie was a key moment in my progression as a musician. Having always wanted to front the bands I had been part of in the past, I really struggled with the confidence of my vocal ability therefore never did. Her lessons helped me understand my voice a lot better and improve my range. They also gave me a great boost as an overall performer allowing me to move forward in my career to fronting a successful band.

Alex (25)

Jodie immediately put me at ease as soon as I met her. She creates her lessons due to each person's individual needs, as opposed to just something generic. I had low self confidence in my voice before I came to Jodie, but through lots of care and attention Jodie not only improved my voice, but changed how I perceived my voice. She is very attentive and nothing is too much trouble for her. She also makes a cracking cup of tea!

Caitlin (30)

Having booked a recording studio for the band I recognised the need to make sure my vocals were going to be at there best for the session. Having found Jodie through a quick search on the internet I arranged several vocal sessions over a 8 week period. Although I have since reconised the need to continually work on my vocals, the difference Jodie made to my ability as vocalist in such a short time was quite amazing! and the results from the recording were much better than I could have ever expected. The sessions were great fun and I will be returning soon to develop my vocal skills further.

Peter (42)

Jodie was my singing teacher for about a year. I really enjoyed my lessons with her, she is very easygoing and makes you feel totally comfortable. I was very nervous before my first lesson but she immediately put me at ease and we built up a rapport very quickly.
One thing that Jodie is very good at is picking the "right" songs for you to practice and learn. There were occasions when I wondered why she gave me certain songs to sing but as soon as I started practicing them it made sense - she understands how your voice works, what is good and bad and what its limitations are. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone as she is a brilliant teacher.

Anna (38)

I’d lost confidence in myself as a singer and hadn’t sung for years as I thought my voice was too damaged and weak. After a cup of tea and a chat Jodie listened to my voice and gave me some exercises to get me back on track. She just knew when to support me and when to challenge me. We sang everything from rock songs to jazz, country to indie. Jodie introduced me to songs and styles of singing that I had never heard before. I’ve rediscovered the joy of singing and I don’t mind making mistakes or experimenting and for the first time in 30 years I sang in public. Jodie helped me find my voice and myself again.

Beverly (45)

Thank you for making one of my dreams come true over the last 2 years, by using your passion and skill to enable me to sing. I may not be a Sam Cook but you've given me the confidence and ability to sing out loud and in public and this is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

Adam (44)