Welcome to Singers Cottage,

I am a professionally trained singing teacher based in Thompson Village, in Thetford, Norfolk. I'm a musician with
20 years experience as a vocalist, recording artist, songwriter and stage performer. I've been a singing teacher on and off for 18 years in between touring and recording commitments. I have a BA Honours Degree in Music from the Paul McCartney institute of performing arts, A Levels / GCSEs & Grades in Vocals & Piano.

Let's put you at ease straight away

People generally think singing is easy. For some it is, but for others it can be an incredibly daunting experience. For pupils to be able to sing out freely it takes confidence, and they have to feel comfortable and safe in their surroundings, so creating that environment is the most important part of my job, and it's the bit I enjoy the most. Lessons take place in my cottage. The environment is welcoming and cosy, and before we do anything we have a cup of tea. I have fun with my pupils, and we laugh at ourselves regularly. In order to learn we have to be prepared to take chances and make mistakes. I've been singing for years but I still make mistakes and I encourage my pupils to do the same. By not taking ourselves too seriously pupils can start to relax and just enjoy the process.

Is singing for everyone?

My pupils range from 6 years old to 87 years old. Some are forging a career for themselves in the music business and many just enjoy the art of singing. If you enjoy singing and you'd like to gain confidence or see if there's room for improvement there is no reason on earth why you shouldn't give it a go.

Tailored especially for you

My aim is to help you discover and develop your voice whether you're looking to make a career in music or simply learning for the joy of singing.
All singers have different needs and abilities so lessons are tailored to each individual. I take great care in getting to know my pupils and their voices so I can then develop our lessons around it. I've had many singing teachers over the years who were happy to just go through the motions with me, but that's not how I work - I teach because I enjoy seeing people grow, and if I enjoy the process then so will you.

A typical lesson at Singers Cottage

To begin with we'll go through some basics and have a 'bit of a sing song' so I can get to know your voice and make an initial assessment. Once I know your voice and what areas we need to focus on I'll put together a plan of action, and providing you're happy to move forward we will begin!

A typical lesson;

* Posture and relaxation techniques
* Breathing exercises
* Warming up exercises 

* Singing 

 ... then at the end of the lesson we'll decide what you'll work on for the following lesson.
Over time we'll work though some of the following techniques, by working them into the songs your singing.

Anatomy of the voice / Posture and preparation / Breathing techniques / Using and developing different parts of your voice / Diction and pronunciation / Voice qualities - Vibrato / Improvising / Performance / Mic control. 

It may sound technical but really it's not, and you'll only ever learn what you need to learn.

Is Singers cottage for everyone?

If I don't think I can help you or I think you'd be better off going in a different direction I'll tell you straight away. On a couple of occasions I suggested pupils go to speech therapy instead as I could hear there was a problem. On another occasion it was clear the pupil would benefit from learning through a gospel-specific teacher. So if I don't think I'm quite right for you I'll tell you straight away, and if after our first meeting you don't feel I'm quite right for you that's fine too.

If your interested in Singing lessons at Singers Cottage please feel free to email me at singerscottage@gmail.com.